Had a meltdown this weekend big time. Told him to get off h

Had a meltdown this weekend big time. Told him to get off his a$$, stop watching TV and his iPad and help me with the sick dog, the house, the chores...everything. He leaves tomorrow for 8 days for business. I pray for peace while he is gone. PS He did get off his a$$ and started helping a little bit. But why must I be his "mother"....he should have awareness that I'm overwhelmed with everything and need support. Have a vet appointment this morning and I suggested we both take her, not just me. He agreed. Maybe he is getting it??? Or just patronizing me and looking forward to leaving for 8 days so he doesn't have to deal with it. Either way.....thanks for allowing me to vent...LOL Hope everyone will have some peace in their day today!

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18 hours ago

Sending hugs for you and your pup. I have a boxer and her name is bella rose she has been with us since birth, she is seven. I am the one that runs her to the vets, bathes her, walks her etc. He cant get out of his own way. Yet, when I discuss her being with a new family he looses it, emotionally so I made him start doggy daycare and that helped her for three years... she is getting older so she has finally relaxed and not so hyper, she likes to chill. As for the house work, I make him by not doing them.. and when they pile up I say hey lets get the dishes done.. lol and he has to help.. I feel like his mother alot, he also has ptsd from a horrific childhood, so at 17 I took over for her where she never was anyway. 29 years later I am learning that I am able to be happy, but I always come back here to check myself and regain. This is my therapy, knowing is the most therapeutic feeling while I am finding my way. I wish you the best with this scenerio that we are all finding our way through. But the best thing, your not alone anymore. You have us, and we have you. Have a great night and yes we are deserving of love.

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13 hours ago

@triplen It is so hard. And can get so lonely. It's weird, living a life we hate, knowing what we know, and constantly wondering/hoping how we can get out. Weekends are especially hard because my narc is just always up my a** and telling me what to do and wondering what I am doing and where I am going and it's like, it's the weekend! I need to go to 5 sports games for one of four kids, one practice, get all the groceries, clothes for the kids, food for the dog...laundry, trash, clean house...meanwhile she sits and post on FB, picks his nose and does fantasy baseball. Nonstop computer and while I am glad he's quiet, it gets lonely. LIfting you up, maybe we will figure this out.

7 hours ago

@mariab44 lifting U up too! Like that saying! U just described my weekend minus 2 kids. I only have 2 to take care of so I can only imagine ur weekend life! But this was my Saturday. I cleaned all day, put away Easter stuff and took care of my sick son. And prepped meals for the week. He took off with our daughter to NYC sounds cute right? Nope he didn’t want to clean nor take care of the sick son. And my day today, need to take my daughter and her friend somewhere, I’ll be going to church alone because church is stupid and he has told the kids that many times, then I get to food shop! My life is amazing. My narcs words, you’re so lucky to have me, many women would kill for this life! Really?? Sunday around 4:00 pm is my worst time or if I’m stuck in the house with him on Sunday. I’m the only person on earth actually looking forward to Monday morning so I can go to work! Well hang in on this Sunday. Off to church.

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