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Good evening,I just got out of a 10 week relationship wi


Good evening,

I just got out of a 10 week relationship with what I am now realizing was a Narcissist.  I was skeptical in the beginning and should of listened to my gut. I spent my entire workday supporting her emotional via text and when I got off of work we spent another 6 hours on the phone talking.

She would get upset if I tried to end the conversation, so I would just let her dictate when I go to sleep.  She always dictated when and where we would meet up to spend time together.

She mentioned to me during a 3:00 AM text if I would like to move in with her.  When I mentioned it on the phone the next day, she did not want to talk about it.

She continually doubted my love for her and repeatedly asked me to tell her face to face, with my glasses of looking into her eyes that  I love her and will never leave her. That would just make me feel so inferior and guilty, as if there was something wrong with me.

Everytime we would have a fight and break up, she would try to return everything I bought for her.  I never asked for anything back and never held it over her head.  It seemed like a way to piss me off.

We broke up twice before the final time over Christmas and she still wanted to be friends.  I told her no and was ready to move on with my life.  The first time a week had past before she reached out to me and the second time only 36 hours past before we were back together. It took 3 times for me to realize enough is enough

Ultimately our problems stemmed from her only wanted to spend time with me she needed me. It never mattered when I need her.

 This has been the worst relationship I have ever experienced in my life.  I am not sure how I am going to recover from this.

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Jan 12

@cantletgo222 Yes my friend, you do need to get past this and you will. Mine looked me straight in the face and said he was happy but the truth is, he is anything BUT happy. In fact, he is one of the most unhappy people I have ever known, I do know happy people. They act nothing like him. Truthfully if he meets someone now, I pray for her. She is in for the worst ride of her life. She will never ever have a say so in her own life. This is what he does. This is what they do. I am almost divorced and I have to be honest, I couldn't be happier and I am a pro marriage person. But with him, life really was hell on earth.

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Jan 12

@kelly72 LOL "Devil's more evil twin" oh how I have missed you my friend.

Jan 12

@zee4ward thats it Devils more evil twin and the look they give is a cutting sword. He literally balled up his fist and came towards me with his stone cold face. It felt as if i was looking at the Devil


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