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Going to court again today! Ugh! Say some prayers. 2 weeks o

Going to court again today! Ugh! Say some prayers. 2 weeks out 3rd time to court. I’m sure the narc is up to no good! Scared and nervous.

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Apr 14

@mariab44 glad u got to be with ur kids too. Yep, we did karaoke again last night! It was fun! Then on top of it we have been doing this stupid game we invented a few nights back. I hug one of my kids (I’m called the guardian and each kid is the prince or princess) and the other kid tries to whack them with a pillow (that person is the dragon). My job is to deflect the pillow and protect the other kid! Would u say a little profound! I’m the protector in life trying to deflect the narc from my kids. So weird how this game just magically happened by them? Life is crazy! One day at a time is all I can do

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Apr 14

@Ducktape and @triplen.... I couldn't love this more! It will only let me click on the heart one time!!!

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Apr 15

Im headed to court this week as well. Mine is from my first DUI and Im so scared.


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