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Going on 3 weeks of full on silent treatment, when she talks

Going on 3 weeks of full on silent treatment, when she talks. It’s usually just an FU. Calls me names. This time has lead me towards heavy reasearch of Narcissistic, Gaslighting with long doses of stonewalling

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Feb 11

This has been a safe and resourceful place to talk about our relationships. We compare and contrast our stories with others and learn more about the disorder. It's behavior that often defies logic. Let us know how we can best be of help.

Feb 11

Welcome to SG. This is a good support site/group.
Keep posting and let us know how your doing. Are you planning to stay in the relationship?

Wispa's picture
Feb 12

Welcome, keep strong, SG is always here for you, no matter the time of day.


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