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For the past week & a half I've been pushing my narc husband

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For the past week & a half I've been pushing my narc husband away. Simply because the fact that I discovered who he really is. I've put up a wall. When we fight I dont cry. I actually start to laugh & it pisses him off. Its really getting to him how careless I am towards him. This morning he texted me saying if I start showing him love he'll return the favor. Seriously? Because showing love is a favor?? He does not get it. I called him out on how horrible he has been & now hes saying hes sorry & he realizes hes unhappy & takes it out on me & the kids & he'll make it up to us blah blah blah.. What is it with these mind games that they play? He realizes I'm mentally checked out & boom he wants to "change". Im mentally, emotionally & even physically exhausted.

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Jul 21

So what is the next step?

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Jul 21



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