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Feeling extreme sensitivity to criticism while detoxing from

Feeling extreme sensitivity to criticism while detoxing from my relationship with my narc. I am a naturally sensitive person, but right now, I cannot take ANY negative feedback or perceived negative feedback - it crushes me, I feel so fragile.
Perhaps I became accustom to the put downs and insults? Has anyone else had this experience? Does it get better with time?
I want to react normally to criticism and even if someone were to say something rude/mean, I'd like to handle it without feeling damaged.

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Dec 6

@PetiteBrunette you are right. It IS annoying and tough, but I know it'll get easier, little by little. We can't stay this fragile forever. It helps me to remind myself of HIS flaws, and remind myself of HOW a narcissist like him operates, and remind myself that it wasn't ME or anything I could've done better. This whole disorder is so completely confusing, but all we can do is try to work on ourselves and move forward <3

Dec 6

@preciousgirl Yes! He actually told me that others would put up with his insults and still love him - that was an ACTUAL thing out of his mouth. So, he admitted that he would be moving on to find that when he discarded me. I had told him, " I have seen you encourage and inspire, so I know you CAN do it, but you choose instead of see the negative and just put people down." But he likes to live that way.
So, you're right - they don't have to walk on eggshells and we don't have to deal with the devaluing - win/win!

Dec 6

@Imal, it certainly has helped me "navigate some madness" being in this support group. It is greeeaaat!!


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