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Every time I say I’m done I keep finding myself contacting

Every time I say I’m done I keep finding myself contacting and going back to this man. We’ve only known eachother for 6 months. He love bombed me in the beginning with attention. He couldn’t get enough of me. 4 months into this and I’m feeling like he could care less if he speaks to me, doesn’t care if I’m upset, gives me the silent treatment if I don’t act like I’m grateful to even get the chance and opportunity to talk to him. I suspect he’s cheating, either married or in another full fledged relationship. He left last week to attend a wedding. Was gone for 5 days. Maybe called me twice. Never responded to my text messages, never returned my phone calls and acted like I didn’t exist last week. After two days of not hearing from him I call him this morning to express that I felt abandoned, he had low tolerance for that and proceeded to hang the phone up right in my face with no warning. Tried to call him back twice after that and he doesn’t pick up my phone calls. I need therapy because I know I need to walk away from this man and this one sided relationship. I need to love myself more. I just needed to vent. If anyone can relate to this I’m sending huge love and prayers to you all. It makes you feel like the most worthless human on the planet dealing with someone who has no empathy. Trying to understand someone like this is beyond difficult. Trying to make sense of things is useless. I pray that I can go no contact and end my suffering in this relationship.

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Jul 19

@markva44 Well said

Jul 19

@MDempath YES! Amen! God is our healer. We cannot do this on our own but with God ALL things are possible. Turn this into an opportunity to grow and best of all to be a support for others behind you going through the same thing that you can now support through the process. God is going to use you for great things!

Jul 19

I understand how you feel, I really recommend you to talk to a counselor and to just leave him. (Hugs) <3333


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