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Even though things are horrible where I am because of the vi

Even though things are horrible where I am because of the virus, I just wanted to say today is my one year anniversary since I filed for divorce from my narc. For those of u still with urs, it may not be the right time to leave because of current circumstances of the world right now but as soon as u can LEAVE! Trust me, it’s not easy but so worth ur sanity. I still believe my rainbow is going to come out after all this!

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Mar 28

It's unbelievable what's happening right now. Where you live is so much more dangerous than here, so I really feel for you. Just keep being safe and hopefully our nation/world will get through this. On the bright side, time does pass. We always feel like when we're in a horrible situation that time drags and the uncertainty can be stressful. I have learned that it does pass, and sometimes too fast...but, as we both know, time can never pass too quickly when it means getting shut of a vicious narc! They are the pits of H3LL. I never knew what hit me when narc entered my world and turned it upside down, but I managed to escape the NarcHell and survive and thrive. You're getting there and I can feel your excitement at the approaching end. Your rainbow will show! He's unreal, such a troublemaker, the bruises... they are capable of so much more but know they must be careful ... they are scary. My exnarc$h*tBag would pull and tug on me leaving bruises and would make me hit my own hands against things so he could make it my fault, pure evil. It's so hard to believe sometimes that was in 2009 and 11 years have passed, 11 wonderful years. It goes too fast but the beauty of being narc free and at peace are just priceless. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Prayers for all of us during this sad time. Stay well.

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Mar 29

@kelly72 so it’s so nice to see ur name! Thanks for responding! Still no where in this divorce but at least he’s not here. Could u imagine me living with the psycho during this virus! It’s really bad here. We don’t even have food. I can’t believe how hard hit my area is. This country needs all the prayers for so many of us. I can never thank u enough for all ur help throughout my journey. This newest piece I never saw coming. My state has lived thru 9/11, hurricane Sandi and now we’re one of the hardest hit states for the virus. Keep sending out positive vibes to the world we all can use them!

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Mar 30

Rose He needs supply, and they will do and say anything to get it. You are giving him what he needs by crying on the phone, by listening to what he has to say and reacting to it. He cheated on you? Eight months is not that long. If you really want to get him gone, you need to make the NC stick. I know how had it is. It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do especially after he tried to smooth things over three times. Even though I loved him, I could see without a doubt what he really was and how he emotionally abused me and that he would never change. He left of his own doing, but I had to make sure he stayed gone.


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