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Even though my ex narc thinks ‘he is trying to get me back

Even though my ex narc thinks ‘he is trying to get me back’ really he hasn’t changed anything. The changes that have been made are by other people changing things that affect him. He hasn’t changed anything to himself to show me he wants me. This may not make a lot of sense. My question is do narcs sue their kids as their supply? Every time my ex narc has time with his son he doesn’t even want to have a telephone conversation with me yet when he isn’t with his son he is constantly in touch throughout the day. Does he have his supply there so I am not use to him?
This hurt me through your entire 3 year engagement/relationship. I could go whole weekends and would speak to him. He never cared what I was doing during the time his is with his son. I just got tossed aside. That hurt remains with me even though we aren’t together the same thing is done on a smaller scale. To me love is wanting to speak to that person everyday and makng time to fit them into your day to day life. I’m a fool for still letting it get to me. It seems impossible to ever fully move be on. Last night I told him to get lost.

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Jan 11

They will use anyone as a source of fuel, anyone!!!

Jan 12

Waking up and finding replies to a post and realising someone cares enough to take the time to reply is a big help in itself. Thanks guys.
I have another day where I’ve let him see my emotions there mfor feeding him. I think to myself you’re out of the relationship yet you are still dealing with his cr*p! I have now read the grey rock approach although I am 99.9% feeling like NC today. Today I hate him with a passion as the narc head has risen again after 5 months. I realised today how I hate it. I’ve been blinded by the good times recently.

Jan 12

My mother-in-law is a narc. She was miserable in her marriage ( her husband recently died) so their whole marriage she used her kids, even after they're grown, as supply. Even now she has grown children she will not let grow up. Her grown children that are married, all she does is cause havoc in their lives. So we backed off and minimized our time with the family to practically nothing. After that my narc h looked for a replacement for his narc mother to trash me to and lean on when I was angry about his narc behavior.


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