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Email from "him". "RIP Nicholas. Please dont block me out.

Email from "him".
"Titled: RIP my son Nicholas. Please dont block me out. My heart is broken like never before our breakup. My son only remembers his dad loving a woman Cynthia. Now my boy is gone, my heart is broken an will not be easy to fix. U were in my life for 3 years and my son only knows how happy I was with you. On November 20th my son was found dead in his bedroom." Guys, this is anguishing. Please help me to not respond. I have a "condolences" text written and I am reaching out to prevent contact. I have donated money to a charity in the name of his son. But I want so badly to contact him. Please help. I am so grateful for u guys.

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Dec 3, 2018

@Cindysmilesagain Thanks for that... he hates all of my family but especially my niece as we are very close.. she is like a daughter to me.

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Dec 5, 2018

You might be better off saying “sorry for your loss” a few kind words and then saying “I’m not in a position to help you, I think a professional is what you need”. Then ask that he respect your boundaries and not contact you anymore. Just fair, kind and to the point without giving him a crack in the door to barge into your life. Then you may have to block him. It’s not mean, you just are in no position to help him anyway so why would you even try to help? The best thing you can do for him is encourage him to get help and then shut the door...and lock it tight.

Dec 6, 2018

@SigmaWhite I left him a condolence card. And now i regret it almost as much as i regret ever meeting him.


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