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Does this sound like a narcissist? Please be honest.

Does this sound like a narcissist? Please be honest.

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Jul 10

I am done, i threatened to get a restraining order on him because I was so hurt the way he left..he gave neighbor s on my arms by trying to push me away as I was trying to pack his things not breaking anything as he says I was. And he came back with he was going to fight with all the money he has and I would have nothing and his family will back him up and he will bring things up out of my past to have my kids against me and the worst part of it is that I left my ex-husband for this man and he wanted to tell everybody about that too. It pretty much scared me to not put the restraining order on him.

Jul 10

@Lostmyselfinhim : the letter reads narcissitic: blaming you, self projection on you, self excuse.
However going just from a letter is a bias. It is the behavior in the relationship that should help you determining wheter or not someone is a narc and based on your posts, yes he does appear like a full narc. You do also have narc victims symptoms....

Jul 14

If he is throwing everybody in the middle of the relationship. Then yes he's a total deutch bag and is scared they figure him out,he has to get to them before you do, he's so insecure and knows he's wrong. Be true to yourself and be confident. Make the decisions that you feel are right. I know it sucks but when you worry about other people believing his lies even your own family. Just think about it, he's the one doing all the talking, he's the one trying to make you look bad and talking **** about you. The right people will know that's not what a good person does. A good person does what is right for themselves and their family they don't waste time walking around talking crap about people that they supposedly love. To me that shows in security and instability


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