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Does anyone struggle with the realization that the narc neve

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Does anyone struggle with the realization that the narc never loved you especially in terms if the narc were your parents? Currently digesting this and it is so painful because I realized I based my whole life chasing love because they never gave me it. and it was just me in love with the false image I created in my head and not who they really were.

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Feb 14

@preciousgirl Thank you ❤❤

Feb 15

Partners (2), yes, parents (2), nope. It was so obvious to me, at some point it become too transparent for me to get this crazy idea that NM loved me and ponder if she does or doesn't.
But I didn't know what covert narcs were, so I thought she had a conscience. But it wasn't hard to accept, the knowledge was liberating. It was just too late, they had already destroyed me.

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Feb 15

@bunnygirl15 I, too, have spent my whole like trying to get the love my father never gave me. My sister was the golden child, so she had a better relationship with my father - but, he treated us like night and day. He hit me, he verbally abused me and he never once touched my sister. Ironically, I was the one that did what I was told and she was the wild child, but I was the one always in trouble.
Unfortunately, trying to replace my father's love I ended up with other narcs. I had a narc best friend and I stayed married to a narc for 24 years until he discarded me.
But, I'm wiser now. Well, truth be told I don't think I'll ever have another relationship - I like living by myself. I like not having anyone to disappoint or put down on me. But, I'm wiser and my past has made me who I am today.


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