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Does anyone have advice on Narcissistic parents. My father i


Does anyone have advice on Narcissistic parents. My father is a narcissist but he’s also bi polar and I’m trying to cut him out and honestly the guilt he’s projecting is pretty hard to handle.

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May 16

Thank you. I can block his number but it doesn’t stop voicemails. It’s so awful. People just done understand and it’s nice to come in here and get some reassurance xx

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May 17

@BlueMay I would suggest seriously considering changing your number.

May 17

I grew up with several Narcissistic family members. My dad being one of them. My life as a child was hard, neglectful and abusive.
I cut most all my family out of my life for MANY years. I think it's very hard on people to cut family out of their lives for good. No matter what is said and done, we always love our parents, even if we hate them too. A narc parent will always put you down. Always make you feel unworthy and less than you are. They say things to guilt you into doing for them constantly. And it's never enough or good enough. I've been there.... over and over. Abandoned over and over. Left with people I barely knew for months at a time.
I can see cutting ex lovers or spouses or friends out completely. But since I've done both.... Cutting family out. Especially my dad and also distancing myself. I think it's best to distance ones self from family. Create and put up walls. Limit texts and phone calls. Limit visits etc. If texts or phones calls are bitter or tyrannical. Don't pick up the phone. Or block it temporarily. Don't answer or read all or each text message. Put that wall up or create physical and emotional distance between you and that person. I've been there and done that. It's your decision completely. But no matter what, you will always have feelings for your dad.

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