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Does any one have any suggestions as to how I can stay sane

Does any one have any suggestions as to how I can stay sane as I am in the middle of my breakup from my narc of 17 yrs? I’m in the midst of looking for a place but we still have to live with each other. He lives in basement and I’m upstairs.. yet he continuously talks to himself about me... so I can hear him.. any suggestions as to how I can try and not feel so lonely ?

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Dec 2

Lindsaymeg hang in there, you are not alone. I am 50 and going through the same thing.

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Dec 3

@Lindsaymeg that’s disgusting that he calls your names in front of his friends... He should be ashamed! My ex always did the abuse behind closed doors, that’s terribe that he thinks he can do that his friends don’t shun him for it!

Dec 3

His friends are too afraid of him to say anything .. I know this because they have told me this .. and his family is the same way... that’s why I get so frustrated because they all are so two faced! And when I ask them why they don’t say anything .. they say.. “It’s between you two... you both need to work it out ..” I say..” well you are here and witnessing this.. that means you’re a part of it” I add “ if you saw a person being beaten up by someone right in front of you.. you would just sit there and say .. oh that’s between the two of them .. they need to work it out ..” they have no response to that .. I know it’s ultimately up to me to stop the way he treats me .. but it’s hard when I hear them agreeing with him when he says I’m the crazy one..
sorry just venting ....
does anyone else have this problem?


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