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Did/do any of you find it impossible to have a calm and rati

Did/do any of you find it impossible to have a calm and rationale conversation about "issues" with your person with NPD? It's like if there's even a hint that the person with NPD might be wrong or have to change or compromise... prepare for rage.

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Sep 14

It's interesting how "conflict" opened my eyes to a major component of NPD.

"It’s in conflict—when even the healthiest among us becomes defensive and self-protective—that the narcissist reveals him or herself in fullness. They fully expose their lack of empathy—the cornerstone of the narcissist—because when the narcissist feels threatened, winning or succeeding to protect him or herself is all that matters, not consequences. A narcissist’s focus and determination to win at any cost underscore the shallow nature of their emotional connections—to you and to all others."


Omg..the drama if one dares to correct my narc. And deep conversations...none to be had. Like talking to a dolphin. But dolphins are smarter.

Sep 14

Rofl! A rational, calm conversation with Roy about anything! Impossible!


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