Did anyone have their Narc just disappear? I dont mean silen

Did anyone have their Narc just disappear? I dont mean silent treatment, like disappear out of the blue never to be heard from again?

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Apr 22, 2017

@BitByLandShark Others did see my boss for who she is, but unfortunately management was sold on the lies. I'm really sorry you have to deal with your boss like that. Having friends in the same group must be incredibly hard.

Apr 23, 2017

Minde disappeared the day after I basically forced him to discard me. he was supposed to meet me for my keys (he still has them) but I never heard from him again. So He is supposed t be back at work after a two months leave mid- may (we are colleagues) I don't know what to expect. Some think he's a liar an that he won't come back. Some tried to contact him on his workphone and private phone without success. No one has any idea where he is but I fear the da he comes back and gets al the attention telling people some mad eup sob story. I hope he just won't return.

Apr 23, 2017

@BitByLandShark I still have sad days. Don't get me wrong. But what usually snaps me out of it is the realization that this man isn't sad over me. He doesn't feel anything about me because he never did. He can't. The only emotions he had that were real were rage, contempt, bitterness and envy, and he could only be motivated by selfishness. That's why they think nothing of contacting us after lengthy periods of time - because it's not about us. My friend's ex was contacting her to return pictures?? He could have just mailed them, but he wanted to see how she would react so he could see how far he could get. It's a twisted game and it's unfair to us because they know we actually have feelings. They just want to use them. They'll never be able to return them. So keep your chin up. You'll get through this. I never thought I would. But I did and so will you. ❤


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