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Confronted the cheating narc..... So I confronted cheating

Confronted the cheating narc.....
So I confronted cheating narc! I know I have been MIA but I had to get tot he bottom of this... Long story short I confronted him and reached out to her. She denied everything, he said he had known her only for a week... the latest phone call that he did not get to delete from his phone is from August. But he turned around and blamed me for it. Blamed me for everything. For each one of his lies and his cheating. She defends the narc and today I got the last one... he called me crazy. He said "you have mental problems" I was like are you kidding me? I just can't believe someone can be this evil and dangerous. To go to tell the person who figured him out that they are not well in order to distort reality and keep getting away with things. He DEMANDS to be forgiven and DEMANDS I do not talk about that anymore. Since I did not give in to his demands now I have mental problems. I have made my bags and will try to get the most important items out today because if I stay here, I do not know what he can even be capable of.

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Oct 30

@Limp Thanks for the kind words. I have a plan to get out and am working on it slowly but surely. I want out so bad I can taste it. I have gotten better at just staring at him blankly when he does these terrible things but every now and then I slip. When he sees me slip, he swoops in like a vulture. Some days are harder than others.

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Oct 30

@Limp that's awesome!! I need one

Oct 31

@Limp Thanks for the support. How is it that we get so mentally and emotionally exhausted when having to deal with them and narcs seem to thrive on this behavior? I want to be stronger than this but have been fighting this for more than half my life. I can't wait to move on.


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