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Can I ask a question of everyone on this group? Why do you t

Can I ask a question of everyone on this group? Why do you think we let our narcs take us to the point where we lose/lost self-respect and dignity? I am by no means out of the woods yet with my narc but we are no longer together and I have rejected any idea that we might reconcile which has kept him at bay so far. The thing is, I look back on what happened in certain situations, and what I put up with and I cant understand why I let all those things happen. Where was my self-respect? Is this a people pleaser problem? A boundary setting problem? I think that this aspect of being involved with a narc is important to acknowledge in the healing process. Because, at least for me, I feel like he let me down but I also let myself down, a LOT.

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Mar 19

@lostandfoundtn, my narc does that too. He steals my ideas by pretending they were his after he rejects them as mine.

Mar 19

I think narcs also target people with strong boundaries and it just add more juice to their game. A woman in deep love is very vulnerable and ready for lot of sacrifices. A heartbreak is what helps setting boundaries from future relation because it will be harder to go deep into the idealization phase.

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Mar 19

I have a whole playlist on Spotify that keeps me going when things get tough


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