Been strong and finished the rollercoaster ride I have been

Been strong and finished the rollercoaster ride I have been on for 6 years one month back. Started no contact a week ago and was on the road to slow recovery. Just had to speak to the narc regarding work and stayed grey rock and to the point. However, I was informed twice in this short conversation. Sorry I dont think about you as we are no longer in daily contact and as the conversation regarding work came to the Close I was Informed that he has trained himself not to think of me. I did not respond to either comments. What hurt the most is that all I have done is think of him to try to make progress and make sense and he can just switch off thinking of me just like that. Think he wanted a reaction which I did not give. I am feeling so upset after this conversation. This is the man who texted me day and night and spoke practically every day for 6 years. I need to have NO contact as he gets me down more than I will ever let him know.

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Feb 13, 2017

He said it to hurt you, that is all.

Feb 17, 2017

Think so too. Funny though I received a Valentine card from him considering he has trained not to think of me. I did not respond nor acknowledge it to then get another Hoover a couple of days later telling me he gets the message. I did it repond again. Tell me how is it that all Narcissist act the same. Is it just a coincidence as I read other people's stories which sound as if they are writing about the narc I know

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Feb 17, 2017

They all act similar even at different degrees of narcissism. They can be profiled like a criminal. It seems that bad behavior is mapped the same. It's bad, they know it's bad. That's why they go to extremes to disguise their horrible actions.
And yes, almost everyone's stories are so similar to mine.


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