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Been dealing with a covert narc for almost 3 years now..feel

Been dealing with a covert narc for almost 3 years now..feeling so stuck..on how to eacape.everyone thinks hes a great person to the point i have begun to doubt my feelings. I have tried no contact.but always end up back with him.worst part is we work together. I have tried transferring to a different department they want let me go..they see him as the if i tell they will believe him and find a way to get rid of me

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May 16

I'm sorry you're in that spot it's a difficult place to be, knowing the truth while your watching the lie -- that everyone else believes. It felt like an altered state of reality being in two dimensions at once. I would look into "detaching" and "mindfulness training". My mindset now is that their just sick pathetic freaks that live by lies, where my skin crawls in their presence.

May 16

Yes hes so charming.but i kno the lies i kno the truth..he helps me out alot..cheated so much in the past to the point i lost myself..when he would get caught he would discard me like i was the problem.i have done so much re search on narcs..i handle everything so much better with less emotion..silent treatment is a breeze know..never last longer then a day..because i jus ignore him back..n the thought of me ignoring him.and not chasing him.makes his skin crawl


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