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Are all narcissists cheats? Only I’m sure that’s the onl


Are all narcissists cheats? Only I’m sure that’s the only thing my ex didn’t do. However he did used to blow hot and cold with me dependant on whether he was talking with his family or not. He had a fraught upbringing and only had his cold father bring him up who had children from different mothers. I think he was narcissistic too. Anyway he didn’t speak too kindly of his dad and I always supported him then when he got back in with his dad at times he always kept us separate and then he’d say great things about him and be totally off with me. So my question is do npds use family as other primary sources in the same way they use other women. I just wanted us all to get along but it was never possible. He ran back to his dad when I filed for divorce and now everything goes through the dad??? It’s madness after all he said about him. X

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Dec 18

Yes, it seems they use their family as a supply. In my case my narc trashed me to his family when he didn't want to stop drinking and actually raise his troubled son. After that I went into what I'd call years of PTSD. Over the years he finally distanced himself from his narc mother so she could not cause flack in our marriage. So my narc decided to slander me in literally every neighborhood we lived in over the years. He had me thinking I was gang stalked until I finally figured out it was him slandering me. He'd tell people I was a drunk when I never even drink at all. He'd tell people I was crazy and sick and blame me when he called the cops on our neighbor's parties so they would think I was the one called the cops. He still to this day hides his relationships with all the neighbors he trashes me to.

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Dec 18

@Scat oh my God. So sorry you went through that. Pretty sure mine is currently doing that.

Dec 19

@Scat I can relate. However he would slate his family to me and gain sympathy fuel from me then slate me to his family and they apparently think I am nuts. He has treated them like he treats me he literally cuts them out of his life for months/years BUT they are always happy to take him back. No doubt he blames ME for HIM cutting them off and they BELIEVE him. It is bonkers. I hate the whole playing people off one another. I always got upset that his family did not like me but it is because he had fed them so much bullshit about me. It feels so unjust. I did try to talk to his dad and put over my side but it got me nowhere . In fact I felt worse xx


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