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Anytime anyone tells you at anytime in your relationship, th

Anytime anyone tells you at anytime in your relationship, that they "don't lie", run!! That is a lie within itself!! My ex told me that all the time, trying to reel it in my head to believe that he never lied!! Everyone lies every once in awhile, we're human, it's in our nature!! Yes, at 1st when he told me this, I would be confused as to what would make you tell me that? Who says that? At times...I did believe him tho!! He had the gift of Gab!! Turns out, all he did was lie to me, thee whole entire relationship!!! I didn't find out until it was over, by then it was too late!! Just another moment in my Narc relationship, I thought I'd share! Hope all is having a good day!

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Jan 14

Mine is a pathological liar. Nothing he says is true. It's revolting and infuriating.

Jan 14

@Scat Lying and deception are common narcissistic traits. In some cases, in their delusional state, they believe their own lies are true. Their words should never be taken at face value, without further investigation......

Jan 14

@Scat Limboland [3255]
4 seconds ago
@Scat that is a typical trick hat they use to buffalo us. Especially in the beginning.



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