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Anybody else’s spouse can literally spin everything to be

Anybody else’s spouse can literally spin everything to be your fault

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Jul 13

@JHA82 Your spouse should promote and pursue peace and should build you up, not break you down. Anything less is abuse, unkind and a poor environment for children.

Jul 13

@kelly72 Yes. I am at the point when I know that I need to surround myself and my daughter with positivity. I think the next year or two is make or break with us. My wife and I are scheduled (fingers crossed we make it) for a first meeting with a couples counselor next week. So I am doing my best to be patient, and give this a chance. I have been trying to get us in for years. And I know that with therapy, it's certainly not an overnight process - it's a journey. So I want to see where this goes. But in the back of my mind, I want to raise my daughter surrounded by healthy relationships. I appreciate your insight, and I hope we can continue to talk.


@JHA82 my spouse said I don’t care if I’m one. That’s who I am


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