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Anxious! I recently made the decision to divorce my narcissi

Anxious! I recently made the decision to divorce my narcissistic husband of 20 years! Yes! 20 years of emotional abuse and 4 psychotic episodes due to emotional distress! We attempted to divorce 3 times, he kept pulling me back in. It’s been tough but I am determined to heal and to do whatever necessary to earn custody of my 2 children (14,15) Does someone know how to expose him in court? He doesn’t know I want a divorce yet, so still living together

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Aug 13

Welcome to the group. I’m very sorry you’re going through this heartbreaking situation. There are so many of us from long term marriages (36 for me). You are in the right place for support.

Aug 13

@Sogumpert I left mine after 29 years of marriage. I’m not an expert but here’s what I learned. Read everything you can. Save every text and email. Record him if it’s legal where u r. Get support on here and anywhere else u can. Get a therapist. Do self care. DO NOT tell him your plan. Get a lawyer behind his back. Don’t believe anything he will say. I have 2 kids with mine. He wants 100% custody even though he never really took care of them! I prepared for a battle but I honestly didn’t prepare enough. I filed 5 months ago and it will be a very long haul. Good luck

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Aug 13

@Sogumpert you are not alone. Welcome to the group. Start making a good plan for you and your children. The best rescue you will ever get, is getting out.


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