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Another wonderful night at my home, after I worked my *** of

Another wonderful night at my home, after I worked my *** off the entire day. I hate being here, whenever my wife is home she completely ingnores me while faking she’s super happy with the kids. At least own up that you’re not perfect and happy as your trying to appear.

I feel like she is trying to bring my self of stem down and isolate me. I want to say something and it’s making me so angry, but I bite my tongue to keep from giving a reaction. However if I did say anything it would be an argument I’d never win.

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Feb 1, 2019

@JoshSmithJosh15 Thanks. I do that too - I see couples holding hands in the mall or laughing while out to dinner and it makes me long for that so much. Don't even get me started if a romantic song comes on the radio - I've been in the car a number of times with tears streaming down my face when that's happened. I wonder what other drivers think if they see that. I'm so sorry your work and home life are so stressful.

Feb 1, 2019

@Fred143 I always try to break through on mine, but learned nothing I say or do will change the outcome.

Feb 1, 2019

@CL061 I’m exhausted just thinking about it. You’d think it would tire them out too.


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