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Another day equals another day of HELL. I am so unhappy and

Another day equals another day of HELL. I am so unhappy and miserable. I can’t cope with this life anymore. I’m not happy with my life.

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Jun 13

@Scat The past 61/2 years have been rough, but finding a text from her boyfriend back in September made it easy to tell her goodbye. She lied and tried to convince me that the number exchange was work related but he took it as something more, tried to kiss her and she pushed him back,he quit and a month later drunk texted her. But she stayed here,quit her job, and I started digging until I found out that she was with him for a year,at a motel two blocks from my dad's place, places we took our kids, they went to. After a while, I was wanting to work through it, and told her that even if we don't stay together,it would be the healthiest way to go, for everyone. I actually made the guy meet me, ruined his honeymoon,his new wife busted a wine glass on the side of his face. He was married 3 months after my wife left her job. But I got more answers, and it kept growing, getting worse. I approached her and told her that I knew that there was more than one guy she was involved with, she flipped out that same afternoon and left. I ended up with evidence, and an eye witness to confirm it, the next day. I had to find out from strangers who my wife is. It was nine months after I found that text before she left and I was able to find out what happened, and who she really is. I begged her in September to just leave if you're hiding a bunch of stuff, don't come back home, build up hope and take off, I begged her not to. I'd already pulled my heart so far away from her,all the lies and nights she was supposed to be with her friends and disappeared for an hour or two, eventually for five hours the last time. I told her then to get out, I'm done. I found that text two weeks later. But, she didn't think I was going to find out. 6 years of carrying everything on my shoulders, taking care of everything and the kids, bending over backwards for her, and she's off having affairs. She used to be the greatest person, wife, mother,and friend I've ever known, I have no idea who she is now. It's so tragic to be here after being kids, growing up together, raising a family, and now she's gone after 20 years. But,thank you for the kind words,I'm just lost, trying to figure out what I'm supposed to do now. I thought my life was going to be our life and this is the one thing that I didn't prepare for, nobody ever thought this would have happened, it's just so not her.

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Jun 13

@Matr29, yea it really stinks they can't just come clean. When they can't you know they have no intention of stopping any of it.

Jun 13

@Matr29. Its ok man..been there..hope your day is better..


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