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A little freaked out. Had a nightmare that the narc broke


A little freaked out. Had a nightmare that the narc broke into my house and was coming after me. Held me down on the bed and was yelling at me with that demonic face he would get. Punching the pillow beside my head.... I was scared and woke up shaking. We haven't been together in over a year... not sure what that was all about... whew....

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Feb 10

@daisy182 good luck working through it. evidently the brain works in mysterious ways. I wish you only happiness and peace.

daisy182's picture
Feb 10

@Bop Thank you Bop, you too.

Feb 11

@Bop It is good you figured it out, because once you do, and it comes into conscious awareness, the dreams usually stop. There’s no question that you suffered emotional abuse from the narc experience. Remnants of that energy lingers for a long time. But it doesn’t mean you’re not healing and making progress in your life........


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