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Mar 10

@shadowX you know that life can get u down that all and my life is all mess up rn so yea

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Mar 13

Life is like a roller coaster, with ups, downs, loop-de-loops, curves, and more. The question is how do react to to it - do you get along with the motion and remain calm yet at peace, with understanding in how to deal with it or do you just loose it and let your emotions get the best of you, screaming (figuratively speaking) like a crazy banshee-man til you're sick in the stomach? Anyway, you just got to have a bit of faith for better times and try to improve whatever you don't like about your life. What's faith and hope without actions and inspirations?

Mar 20

Hey shadowX sry to pop yr bubble but i don't have hope i mess up so much it have leave me like it was my gf or something but don't get me wrong it good that u have hope don't let it go either or u be like me low life I don't that i ever have hope ever agian


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