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It's been a really bad week with a lot of conflicts. And an


It's been a really bad week with a lot of conflicts. And an old narc that I thought was way in the past as resurfaced. He didn't turn up personally but apparently my relatives are trying to bring him back into my life. He was this rich old guy (yeah, another one I mistook for a harmless old grandpa) that I thought just wanted to be friends. Then he tried to take over my life and hounded me daily for about a month. But my relatives saw me as a way to get his money. They were won over by some showy gifts he gave me, but I know bad guys will appear generous when trying to start a relationship and big gifts mean nothing when his behavior is bad. I'm not going to give in but I find it stressful to have to argue the same points I already started when I told him to leave me alone. And it's coming from one of the few people in the family I actually like so I can't just ignore them. Nothing's going to happen. I'm just tired of the crazy things that keep happening and never give me a break. That's all. I'll try not to complain anymore.

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Nov 6

@daisy182 yeah. I often with they would disappear! When things are bad I sometimes find myself fantasizing about planning their funerals. I think the problem is that my family has a lot of covert narcs who are attracted to overt narcs who claim to be rich and talented. So my narc family is trying find me a narc husband.

Nov 7

@hgtmpb ugh!!!

Nov 8

Well. I think I put this issue to rest. I explained to my family that I refuse to take money from a man who doesn't take no for an answer. Because he'd consider me his property for the rest of my life. There were some big tantrums and nastiness at home but they seem to have given up at least for now. And now that there's no hope of a big windfall, they've stopped obstructing me from working to get us out of debt.


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