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Sometimes I genuinely dont know how to open up and talk to p

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Sometimes I genuinely dont know how to open up and talk to people. Constantly being shut down, told I need to stop talking about this and that, I complain too much and so on. Always being taught that what I say isn't enough. I would love to be note talkative but its alike my voice box is gone, not literally, I cant physically talk but mentally I'm so stuck and I cant trust anyone well enough. What do I even talk about? How do I know if they even truly like talking to me as a person

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May 22

Just the fact that you posted and shared as you did shows that you are a thoughtful and kind person. So I just know that what you have to share should be heard! Sure, we all talk too much sometimes or we shut down, but that's normal! Littleturtle also made a great point....it matters WHO you talk to.....so reach out to loving friends and family who will appreciate you and want to hear your thoughts. Even a conversation with a neighbor can be a good thing.....or taking a walk and just chatting with someone. Give yourself a chance! If this is really really hard for you, consider talking to a counselor who can help with you with tools and gaining your confidence. If you are a person of faith, you might want to visit your local church where there are always loving people ready to welcome you. YOU are important and special. Be good to YOU! I wish you the best.

May 26

i feel like people think i'm mean when i speak. Ive been called sarcastic

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May 28

@Scat Yeah, I can relate. Its all about compliance. You learn that at an early age,


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