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What a crappy day. Last night me and my wife got into a figh

What a crappy day. Last night me and my wife got into a fight last night and she kept saying I was rude and disrespectful, a ****, and I didn't care or love her. It started with her saying she was lonely and I said I'm sorry I dont want you lonely. She said yeah right you dont care. I said what the F am I suppose to do when I'm at work? That's when it started. She said wow you dont need to he so rude to me. And it just escalated. Well this morning I got home from work I put my pajamas on and plugged my phone in my room and went upstairs and had breakfast and my dad was eating to so I sat and chatted. Went back downstairs laid in bed for a few mins checking my email and she called me and was like wtf why havent you called me? I told her I got home and ate breakfast and I'm just now laying down. She said what you can't multitask and eat while you talk to me? I said my phone was in my room charging and I was talking to my dad. She said no I'm more important then breakfast and chatting with your dad. Then she said why didn't you call me when you got into bed? I said I just wanted a few mins to check my email and just have a few mins to chill. She said I'm more important then some **** emails. After last night I should be your #1 priority not your dad or your emails. ME! I have needs and you're not meeting them. You dont care about how I feel or your daughter. All you do is put us last and I will not put up with being last. I dont deserve it. I need someone who will be there for me, I need someone that cares, I need I need. She said that I have another kid to take care of. I said you know I can't be in 2 places at once. I have to be here when my son gets off the bus and I sleep during the day. She said not my problem you need to figure it out because it's not fair that you dont do anything for your daughter but you do everything for your son. I said he lives with me. She said do you think its fair for me that I do everything and watch your daughter while you do nothing for her? I said no but I can't be down there and up here. You know I sleep during the day. She said you shouldn't sleep during the day then so you can help with your daughter. I said how can I do that with no sleep? She said not her problem I need to figure it out. Then she started saying I just need to be single because I'm to busy to have a wife or gf cuz no woman will ever deal with this. No woman will deal with you having breakfast with your dad over them. Told me I dont love her or care about her because I put breakfast and emails over her. This is so ridiculous I dont know what to say

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Nov 8

@pickone I tried my best but I fed it. God I feel so dumb

Nov 9

@Bigmoney25 I don’t think you understand narcissism, and exactly what you’re dealing with. It has nothing to do with you being dumb or stupid. I hear that from so many victims/survivors. Narcissism is a very complex and serious personality disorder. I believe that you can’t deal with an issue effectively until you fully understand what you’re dealing with. Please try reading this article; it really explains narcissism thoroughly:

Nov 10

@pickone thank you for the article. Helps reading about it and it's pretty spot on.

So I met my wife yesterday to give her money to take my daughter to the dr. She started her crap again saying I'm never around and shes tired of being faithful and alone. She said I'm lucky she is so faithful. She also said she needs someone. She wants someone she can spend time with, cuddle, have sex, and do things with the kids. And shes 25 and it's not fair shes going thru this. She said shes a really cute gal and I could find another cute one like her but most likely I won't. She said our calendars dont match. Her calendar says d,d,d,d, and love love love. And mine doesn't say anything I guess. Shes never been like this with sex. I've never heard her talk like that before. She said it's not fair she hasn't had sex in 11 days. Idk what to even say. It's so weird


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