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OKAY! So I am more seeking advise more than anything right

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So I am more seeking advise more than anything right now. My narc is STILL living in my place (I know it's getting annoying) but he pays half the bills so I am not to upset at the moment. My issue isn't really him anymore though.. it's his dog! I guess I should start with saying I am not an animal fan at all! I am more of a pack up and go type of person and in my state you are limited with housing selections if you have a pet... Back on track, My ex has a 100 pd pit/boxer who is a pretty cool dog I can't lie but she sheds and smells AWFUL. since we broke it off I told him he needs to spend time with the dog or get rid of her (he works 12 hours a day and she is crated that whole time) he is having a hissy fit about it and i feel really disconnected since I don't have nor ever had animals . Is that wrong of me to ask? I feel the dog is depressed.. she is Only out of her cage maybe 5 hours a day.... Am i in the wrong?

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Jul 11

OK, just my $.02...
this is not about the dog (I love pets). you've said money is an issue, I get it. but IMHO your solution is getting away from your narc. the dog is just a distraction. be kind & humane to the dog, but find your way out (or kick him out).

Jul 12

@overett It's just a sad world without a dog having it's own pet. I guess u r right, 2 dogs wouldnt solve the problem.

Jul 12

@overett Omg the dog isnt getting her baths??? Please tell me u r at least making sure she has her shots??? Is she eating ok and drinking lots of water??? :(


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