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Me and my wife have been separated since June. We started ta

Me and my wife have been separated since June. We started talking in August and talked about working things out and getting a place together. I work nights so I don't see her during the week. If I do it's only for a hr. Well yesterday I decided to go 4 wheeling for the day since the trails are closing for winter. She got soooooo mad at me. Telling me no this is her time with me since I don't see her during the week. She sad for now I probably should forget about my friends and worry about her and my daughter. Tells me I don't love her or care about her because of what I did. I text her when I get up saying hey how are you? She told me to stop saying that because it's pointless and dumb. Oh and she told me I need to do stuff that we can do as a family. I told her there was no room she said then you shouldn't have gone if me and the baby can't go. You only think of yourself and your happiness but you never think about us. Tells me her and the baby deserve better and I'm never there for my baby I don't care about her or anything. Make me feel bad for going for one last ride and make me feel like a crappy dad

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Oct 10

In any relationship, business or personal, both sides must sacrifice for the greater good of the relationship. Sorry, BIgmoney25, This event is on you.

Oct 10

@Bigmoney25 Heck yeah, I'd be pretty livid if you bailed on our weekend time together, especially when we're trying to work on the relationship... Not only did you bail last minute, but you chose 4-wheeling over time with her and your child... Sorry, but I think your priorities might be displaced. I can certainly could be wrong here, but I wouldn't appreciate it if I had waited all week to see even just a good friend to be told at the last minute they chose to do something else more fun instead...

Oct 11

I don’t know of a woman who has no needs. Men have needs and women have needs. A man can’t expect his woman to meet his needs if he’s not there for his woman. The truth is, if you aren’t, someone else will be. OM love neglected wives and it could get to the point where you heading off four wheeling becomes something she looks forward to because she’s got a man to take your place. If you have no issues with the thought of some other mans sausage up your wife’s hooha, then keep ignoring her needs and it’s exactly what you’ll get. Sorry to be blunt but you need some reality here.


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