I've realized my ex is a narcissist. It's been a roller coas

I've realized my ex is a narcissist. It's been a roller coaster since I broke up with him and for the most part I've been fine. But he contacted me a few days ago to tell me how much he missed me, he thought we'd be together forever, blah blah blah. He's so good at manipulating my emotions. I started feel like maybe I made a huge mistake! Then he went cold again and I heard nothing for days.

I feel like an idiot for letting someone treat me so badly and then feeling these feelings about missing him.

How do I cope with this and move on for good??? I want to have a meaningful relationship someday without bringing all of my issues into‚Äčit. And I'm tired of getting sucked into missing him again!

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May 20, 2017

@ILU2828 mine too. The past year and a half he's sucked me back in bc I let him despite the fact that every time I am nice for a day then turn when I realize he will not ever be capable of being what I need and that I can't let go of what he put me through. He hates that I refer to how bad he is and was but it's bc he never really changes. This time I hung up on him after not giving me the emotional connection and consideration I needed a day or two after we were intimate. I feel like it's just sex and "let's see if we can be friends and not fight first before we can be together as a couple." I don't want that life! Wtf kind of future is that a year and a half later fights every week. Name calling nothing changing no progress. I think he's letting go. It's so scary and sad and I know he needs to bc I need to but....awful.

May 20, 2017

@jfoto44 I've decided to go no contact. Sent one last text reply letting him know I'm done and she responded with a bunch of BS about how I'm "ridiculous" for not understanding how good he was to me. I'm not responding. Done with this abuse!!

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May 20, 2017

Good for you. Should block the number. I know it's hard. I did and then I finally just got a new number because I was always checking for a text from it. Now it can't text me. Been about 27 days with NC. We get drawn into this craziness.


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