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My husband says he's a visual person when it comes to that s

My husband says he's a visual person when it comes to that sex we rarely have it and when we do and always face down in a pillow so we have no intimate connection. The only time I climax is when I'm alone. There's no foreplay I'm just supposed to be ready to go with the constant arguing it's hard to ever feel in the mood. But he gets it when he wants it. He never does anything different anymore than the same thing it's always me face down in the pillow and then a few minutes later it's over. I just don't understand. If he's so visual why am I in the least flattering position?

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Jun 4

sounds like he might also have a porn addiction, when I first read your post, that was my first thought, low self esteem and addicted to porn

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Jul 14

@girraffegirl you aren't dirty or in need of cleansing... you were trying to have a connection with your partner and make them happy. you aren't the broken one. It really sucks, how someone can make us feel degraded when they're ones that think it's just what they "like". I dont know. I feel like there must be men who arent like that, somewhere.


Because you are an object to him and he is humiliating you and letting you know it. Get away from this person you can do better on your own.


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