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So, my boyfriend had just been getting worse and worse. In t

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So, my boyfriend had just been getting worse and worse. In the last 3 weeks I have only been addressed as “c***” “b****” “moron” or “idiot”, not by my name or anything like it used to be (which would be baby, or dear). He has also taken to disrespecting my belongings. He didn’t like where I had my leather riding jacket so he threw it in the middle of the floor and proceeded to step on it every time he walked by. Yes, I left it there because I was pissed. I ordered some candy that I can’t find in stores anymore from amazon and we came home and it was on the door step so when he walked up to the door instead of picking it up he kicked it across the stairs. I decided to leave that there as well. Wtf. I would never do something like that to him or to anyone.

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Mar 28

Financial Independence is key, and moving your crucial important documents etc., to another location so he cant use them to threaten you to stay. As well as pets. Get your pets and kids away as well. This guy seems like he could easily become very dangerous. Calling names is the biggest line to cross. First it's your objectsx then it's you. I know because I work with HT women, it always starts with name calling and disrespecting objects. Seriously, get your important thibgs out, get a job, and find a friend to stay eith till you can get a roomie. Stay anywhere besdes with him. You dont have yo end the relationship bjt you do need to move out.

Apr 1

I am so sorry that you are going through this. Have there been any major changes happen for either if you recently? Is there anything that could have triggered the change? I am here if you need to talk. Big hugs!


@jaimer. This is something I don’t go for. You may want to distress some of his clothing when he’s not home. Blam it on the washing machine.


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