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Epiphany+ activity question: 1. The narcissist requires you

Epiphany+ activity question: 1. The narcissist requires you to put your emotional needs aside unless it relates to them somehow. I generalized that to all people, and am on constant alert, as a result of chronic complex trauma over the course of years. 2. Activity Question: Put the focus on you. What do you need to nourish your heart with right now? (answer for me: I need to enjoy my alone time in the present. I am so grateful for myself. I want to accept myself and stop apologizing and wishing someone qould tell me I dont have to apologize, they never will! I simply have to stop apologizing for things Im not sorry about!)

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Blueberries1234's picture
Nov 8

@preciousgirl i love it. yea i think that perfection thing is really what kills our efforts sometimes from even starting. so "practice makes progress" is genius. I might use that and make it my own for follwoing my dreams (stuff Ive put off because it wasnt 'acceptable' as a path to pursue).

Nov 12

In my experience, narcissists are excellent actors. They can display what looks like empathy for your feelings during the love bombing stage, but there will be hints. In current relationships look for those hints. One may be the attention they pay to others, whether they are constantly checking their phones, etc.

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Nov 18

Stop apologizing!! An old friend once told me to and said, "Don't apologizing for things you didn't do and weren't your fault, and don't bother explaining yourself because your enemies won't believe it and your friends won't need it.". That was about 18 years ago and I STILL have to remind myself.


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