Anyone else, feel invisible? People use me like an inanimate

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Anyone else, feel invisible? People use me like an inanimate mirror, so they can hear themselves talk. An extrovert once told me they get along with introverts really well, they balance them out. I wanted to say no, actually you just take up all the space in a conversation so there's no space for anyone else. But I stayed quiet to be polite, but I was angry at them for being selfish, and angry at myself for letting them be. I dont know how to connect anymore. Most people seem selfish and shallow. My friends usually drift away and the only ones that reach out are the ones looking for some ego need to be met. I love my own company but idk our society is so... isolating. Or I think I give a vibe, that I LIKE to be invisible. Because when Im not invisible, Im trying to make people feel better. Thats become my whole personality. Im an empty shell of a person. No wonder all my relatiobships are empath-narc type experiences. I cant relate to people. Even the therapist did that to me lol

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Apr 29

@Blueberries1234 Hmm, normal conversation is giving, laughing, finding common interest. Talking about books you have read or tv you have watched or a new recipe you have tried. It is honest and often boring to everyone else :)

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Apr 29

@Blueberries1234 I struggle letting people get too close also. I have issues making friends because of it. It’s me protecting myself but I end up very alone n not much support. I feel most comfortable sometimes just being alone n I feel like I can be alone more than other people n fine with it. Even today I struggled to make friend, no initiative to. I don’t really struggle starting or holding conversation though. Do you feel same like that? Hope your able get past this n find more good people to be in your life!

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May 4

Not so much invisible more alone at times. Lonliness can deal with alone is the worst. It helps a lot to have people here to talk with


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