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I feel nauseous..I was messaging with my narcissistic ex eve

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I feel nauseous..I was messaging with my narcissistic ex even though I knew it was a bad idea. In my head. I knew it wouldn’t end well...he was not being respectful. Well, he did the ultimate disrespect to me, and what’s strange to me is how clueless he is as to how it would actually make me feel hearing this. I literally felt nauseous hearing this..told me that one night he was coming home, was drunk and thought about going out to a bar to basically pick up a stranger to take home to his house to have sex with..then he decided against it. I cut him off before he could go further into detail, told him that I am not interested in hearing about other women so to refrain from giving me any details about that..what is disturbing was how he thought he was just being honest and has no idea about my feelings to hear this...it’s not even being honest it’s being mindful which he isn’t or doesn’t care..this of course is after I went out my **** self and had a GNO. The kicker is him talking about how high his standards on, its why he is single and how he doesn’t need to have sex and get an STD. What I think is he is single because he can’t keep a real woman but only a one nighter with a stranger at a pickup bar. He has a very low self esteem, didn’t receive love from him mom as a child and is unhappy with himself. Besides being narcissistic, I am pretty sure he is also bipolar...he has so many cycles in his mood, I never know who I will get. An emotionally healthy person, can comprehend other people’s feelings..he puts on a great show at work..so great in fact, he told me people say how is it he is still single. His answer? I’m picky, and I refuse to settle..so going to a bar to take a stranger home isn’t settling? Even if he was just a friend, I have super high standards of whom I will even associate with..he had me fooled..puts on the classy guy, don’t need anyone I am fine being alone act. If you ask me, I think he was jealous that I went out and got drunk so he went out of his way to hurt me. I am officially turned off and disgusted..I want nothing to do with him at all..he’s not even on my level and doesn’t deserve to have me in his life..

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Oct 10

Welcome to Narc push-pull. Where you get the joy of having someone try to rope you back in: "only you can fix me if only you do not leave!"

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Nov 2

So true

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Nov 2

But why the need to call those narcs out on it tho?? Rub their noses in it? I'm assuming that the narcs in question are men bragging about money or helping someone in need? Have yall met men and listened to their insecurities and what society tells them what's expected of them? And how they feel like they fall short or struggling to live up to guy standards like women struggle to do the same? It's like ya wouldn't call out a guy for wearing a toupee?? Or a woman for a muffin top..she swearing she is 5sizes smaller. Or are those store bought cupcakes or homemade for the bake sale pta having? Or been to a bar? Idk yall it's easier to assume the worst than relazise ppl have feelings. Maybe the guy just lying to get laid bc he makes assumptions about women too.


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