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Came home from a friends house and my mom tells me she misse

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Came home from a friends house last night and my mom tells me she missed me. Please god help me get out of this hell hole. Hearing her say it honestly irritated me because I was only gone for around 6 hours. Living with my mom is like living with a controlling spouse at times. Its really weird and it freaks me out thinking about the guy I'll actually end up with. It sounds crazy but I at times feel that shes replaced the image of men in my life. Mentally and emotionally abusive but just like my dad who left. Leaving me orphaned and abandoned. All over bearing her say she missed me because I was at a dąmn friends house.

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Jan 14

Peppermint. Learning to kick your family (or people who anger you or hurt you) to the curb figuratively speaking is a good helpful skill. It doesn’t serve you or anyone to obsess over what can be minutiae of how people treat us
We don’t live in their skin or know all their life experiences or how they think of if they had a good or bad moment and—- WHO CARES about them....

Live your life. Kick them means learn to ignore them. There will always be people who are a$$holes and people who are nice
You waste your time on mean people doesn’t help you...

Jan 14

@PeppermintSunrise Oh my gosh. I might be your mom—lol!! When my oldest daughter was in her teens and had massive self harm/attempts; I got a little crazy when she was home on pass from a facility if she was ever out of my sight!
Both my daughters used to think I was crazy about them getting kidnapped—and I’m slightly kidding.

Jan 14

@Peppermint. So this is the thing. Regardless of your mom and her temperament and issues...the power of knowing why is helpful at times but —-the bottom line is not allowing her crap to affect u...
Learning to turn your mom’s crap (or anyone’s crap) around and get something positive from the experience. It will boost your mood and self esteem...make it work for u

She’s a witch. Boom. You decide if u want to cry complain and stew about it OR fast. Vent. Then do something good. IE pick up your room? Paint your nails? Go to movies? Cook something just for u and freeze half for another day!!!
Then u self talk about how well u got thru this cause I could have (fill in negative behavior etc). Ultimately when we allow ourselves to go crazy over the minutia of his other people treat us it is kind of crazy. It doesn’t do anything for u. So why waste your time or your life on that?
Hugs! Now go do something good or fun! Lol

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