A lot of people don't realize that the initial high we exper

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A lot of people don't realize that the initial high we experience when we are attracted to someone is a series of chemical reactions. Many people mistake this for love and end up rushing into a relationship, quite often with someone that is not a good fit for them.

Google. The Science of Love, Your Amazing Brain for more information about how this works.

I'm posting this in several groups as I think it it might be helpful.

AugWrath...if you know of a better site/reference for this topic, please jump in here! :-)

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Sep 13

@GoingThru It may correlate to how "sick" the narc is, maybe the ones who are milder on the scale function with less self awareness. That would make sense. Either way, I know that my ex narc was definitely manipulative with me and, well everyone, so I'm not saying that he walked around with no awareness. He was definitely aware in a lot of ways, but there were other times that he couldn't seem to stop himself from metaphorically throwing himself off a cliff, BUT give him a few hours so that he could rearrange the story to his advantage. He was constantly fabricating stories to keep from looking so ridiculous. He appeared to be very emotionally driven and didn't like it when he would lose control.

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Sep 13

@Obsidianmoon I'm really thinking about it once I get myself together. I love animals.

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Sep 13

That would have been me!!!!!


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