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How do you stop a narcissist controlling you even when you c

How do you stop a narcissist controlling you even when you cut all communication?

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Dec 5

@Kikokat There should be a way to protect ourselves after we leave. Why should they even get the opportunity to try and make things worse? People tell me I would be better off if I left, but not a single person can tell me how to protect myself from these expecting consequences. There has to be an answer somewhere. Take care of yourself, and good luck with everything. Thanks for the feedback. And you're right about something else........ as long as we do what THEY want, all is well.

Karinah's picture
Dec 5

@Scat - your idea of writing a book is brilliant. You're right, you would need to depict it as fiction. I think you're wrong that you can't write fiction. Why don't you just do a non-fiction then change character names and a few other things to make it fiction. My life certainly sounds like fiction.

Scat's picture
Dec 12

@Karinah Thank you for asking. The problem is fiction is so involved. I've tried before and I'm just not as good at it. So I became a news reporter before when I had a good memory.


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