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A common theme no matter what the issue is that we all tend

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A common theme no matter what the issue is that we all tend to at some point experience sadness or depression. I’m looking for the answer without medication... guideline for me to stick to in order to keep balanced. I recently watched movie the femme brain which was interesting talking about all the chemical reactions occurring during relationships. The main character trying to hijack her brain to not need men.. her strategy:

Dogs: oxytocin
Friends: serotonin
Gym: endorphins
Work: dopamine of productivity and cooperation

What do you suggest to keep balanced?

In looking up stuff related to topic I came across something interested I would like to share also:

Below is article about how drugs don’t do much for depression:

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Jun 11

No red sage.... It's in the Salvia family. And it's been used by the Chinese for centuries. Also... I JUST READ it may be the first Chineese remedy to be approved by the food n drug admin. I read that on HEALTHLINE. Good for many things now give read. HEALTHLINE even tells you the dosage etc. It's a good site.

Jun 11

Hi, what is it approved to be used for?

Jun 24

What is the link you have? The one I thought was it, didn't load on my browser.


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