I need your wisdom who went through divorce with NPD ex and

I need your wisdom who went through divorce with NPD ex and court harassment over child custody continued after. He claims 100%disability total receiving nearly $6k/mon without any job. He surf, snowboarding, biking , hiking activity he is that healthy physically. He is extremely NPD with social media victim player. So he start raise money "go fund me" titled father's right after court decision visitation which around 6:4 (me:NPD) and I agreed to gave him hail custody as my attorney advised. He follow us from Japan to Virginia. Now he try to follow to Florida. He make people involved with victim play not only social media but also my son's school PTA, teachers and baseball coaches as soon as
we moved and that made us very uncomfortable in 2years of VA
life. My part time job is $12/h and I had to ask my mother's retirement pay for attorney and now my husband. Ex rolling $40k brand new car and enjoying $1k snowboard season pass every single day with my son. Why he can destroy us financially without any working. Please borrow your wisdom if you have any ideas or knowledge of organization. I talked to embassy and many attorneys and women's center but not much help so far this 3years.

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Jan 9

Thank you for the link. That's helpful a lot to me.
Hope my child will say wasn't that aspect too like you. That's my goal and that's why I keep my mouth shut to my son and my social media.

Jan 10

One thing he has no control over is your mind, what you think, what you feel. You have 100% control over what you think. What do you do to stop thinking about him and the troubles he causes you?

Jan 12

So I started work at the airport in 2016 to be happier in VA till I moved in FL last month. That made me felt a little better financially plus I could put myself on another responsibility. But couple month later, my attorney told me I shouldn't go out and work.. So I avoided earned promotion for full timer after 3 month later I started work and kept only part time instead as my attorney's advice. There's no way I go out with friend's or go to Yoga class while my husband working to pay my attorney fee. That makes me feel worst. So I am kinda stuck after I moved to FL last month. Court harassment is a huge financial damage that hard to find a solution and piece when the money coming from my 70 yeas old mother's retirement and my husband's working money. Especially parent who working hard for better life for child could lose parental right but unemployed person who over react from paranoid and against me daily constantly through the court. I am not thinking of my ex. I'm worrying about current family's financial future that I can't go to work and help. I keep applying work from home job but no luck so far yet. I've been trying to concentrate own business and happiness to not to give up my non abusive life just like before I met NPD over 10 years now. And I success to get what I want which is peaceful family. But now my husband getting accusation and harassment also. It's none stop.

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