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I need your wisdom who went through divorce with NPD ex and

I need your wisdom who went through divorce with NPD ex and court harassment over child custody continued after. He claims 100%disability total receiving nearly $6k/mon without any job. He surf, snowboarding, biking , hiking activity he is that healthy physically. He is extremely NPD with social media victim player. So he start raise money "go fund me" titled father's right after court decision visitation which around 6:4 (me:NPD) and I agreed to gave him half legal custody as my attorney advised. He follow us from Japan to Virginia. Now he try to follow to Florida. He make people involved with victim play not only social media but also my son's school PTA, teachers and baseball coaches as soon as
we moved and that made us very uncomfortable in 2years of VA
life. My part time job is $12/h and I had to ask my mother's retirement pay for attorney and now my husband. Ex rolling $40k brand new car and enjoying $1k snowboard season pass every single day with my son. Why he can destroy us financially without any working. Please let me borrow your wisdom if you have any ideas or knowledge of organization. I talked to embassy and many attorneys and women's center but not much help so far this 3years.
Sorry for my mess English paragraphs..But Thank you very much for reading.

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Jan 25

Sorry it took so long to see your question. I hope I'm not too late. In my divorce to my narc ex husband, we owned no property. Back then mothers usually got custody so I filed the papers through a paralegal in the mail. Cost me $75 bucks back in 1994. Back then the Commission on Human Concerns showed me how to file papers in a workshop too. The DA helped me learn how to file a restraining order before that and how to file for a fee waiver and what amount of child support to put on my paperwork by researching at the Law Library. Maybe you can try calling your local district attorney's office and ask them if they know where you can find a Legal Aid clinic near you because of your finances. That is what I'd do.

Jan 25

I called to legal aid once but I couldn’t have help because of they said my current husband is
working but thank you for your all the experience information . I really want to get restraining order but even my attorney doesn’t want to do so I went submit myself in VA two years ago. They said I can’t cause of no evidence for physical abuse .. Now I moved to FL so I’ll try research again. Thank you again.

Jan 27

I was talking with a friend of mine on Wednesday who has had a heck of year same as myself. Some is due to elderly parents (same as me, & my dad passed away nearly a year ago now).. also other things but we were talking at length.. & we came to this sort of epiphany yet not.. that in life, it would seem at times things happen WHEN they are to happen & not a second ahead of schedule. I don't why exactly this is so, but it is so. She was talking about an incident that went on & on when someone could have given her details they chose not to.. then all the sudden after going through this maze, she found out what she needed to hear. I've dealt with these types of things in life.. as if I am to go through a trial then boom, when it's time to go Through it, everything unfolds as it needs to. Please don't lose hope.
I also find to keep plodding through what I need to.. have as many options as I can find.. then sometimes if I am overwhelmed I step back then try to make something happen later on.
I hear your concerns, frustrations.. I hope things go through for you very soon!
Another, is when something does not work out as I think it, "should," sometimes too later I realize the reason why. So again, I pray you are able to get the resolutions you are seeking, the protection & finances you need. Just thought I would throw out a frustration/s that I notice more of late, in life things often just don't make sense until they are to make sense. Take care!

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