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So I just saw my ex abuser while driving around town. This i

So I just saw my ex abuser while driving around town. This is the first time I've seen him since I left. He followed me until he could pull up next to me and just say please call me just 5 minutes please. I'm just angry with myself cuz I feel like I've started back at square one. His face and the way he pleaded. Pulls at the Heartstrings. I haven't called him. I just want to and don't want to both equally strong. I'm a mess. Please tell me but calling him would be the worst idea ever. I need to counteract that part of my brain that says I should do it.

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Briarose's picture
Apr 16

@Vegetarianna I hear the 24/7 vigilance. I saw his car coming but with the traffic I couldn't get away. I just wish I took a different road home. Sorry about your mom, that has to be so hard. My mom was a narc too and the smear campaigns I would get and the guilt trips for not talking to her. I'm really sorry you have to go thru it. Just know that you are worth taking care of. It's ok to put up boundaries tgat keep you safe. No one deserves abuse.

Apr 16

@Vegetarianna I am truly sorry about your situation; but I agree with @Briarose that self-preservation must be a top priority. If your mother is a narcissist, and you feel it’s necessary to have No Contact with her, I am sure you didn’t arrive at that decision lightly. What child wants to cut off contact with their mother, unless they have a compelling reason, like their sanity?... It must have been the most gut-wrenching decision of your life. I don’t believe anyone would do that without an extremely good reason. No one deserves abuse of any kind......

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Apr 17

I'm SO proud of you for not calling!!


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