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Can you help me stay no contact. I know I need to stay away


Can you help me stay no contact.
I know I need to stay away but going through withdrawals . I need him

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Aug 9

@marie777 You are very welcome!... I’ve also posted the link above. Unfortunately we need to change our mindset in today’s world. There are people who cannot be trusted, and who cannot or will not change. We need to become very discerning of whom we invest our hearts and trust in. The wolves in sheep’s clothing can be extremely convincing......

Aug 10

@pickone I agree. I wish I would have waited a bit longer but none of these people present the real person until its too late. So it makes me wonder who to ever trust. Its real hard. I know I trust myself and right now that will have to be enough.

Aug 13

@Wildone be glad he didnt. You might have caved and went back to that piece of he!! . Take a deep breath and move forward, and please stop looking back for him.


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