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What do you do if your narc mom feels scared around the daug

What do you do if your narc mom feels scared around the daughter that sees through the narc games... And vice versa actually the daughter is scared of disclosing too much.. I dont want to lose my mother she always blames me for everything..so much resentment..

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Jul 18

no i don't..thats why i tried posting here. I'm trying to cope but i isolated myself. She ruined her reputation with everyone all because the last letter i sent her in 2013 i regret it ...i called out everything,i was loosing it..then i went no contact..then she tried to reach out 2015 because my cousins looking for me..not because she wanted to look for me..fact is she tried but i didnt check it and every thing went down from there. Smear campaign which i had no idea and not prepared for.. I just stayed away from everyone i missed my gpa & gmas passing.. My mom had no where to go in 2017 and i turned away.. I was scared to face her that i damaged her...and what kind of daughter am i to turn away. ..

Jul 18

@FreakedOut2019. Ohh..im the daughter..and its my mom ..its different because this issue came from my grandfather being so authoritative to his daughter(my mother) that it traumatized her..also being emotionally neglectful..then having a daughter(me) scared of the side she sees thats gpa come out of her..but doesnt understand herself and does self harm as a habit thinking she deserve it and isnt worth loving..she cant drop the mask or lies because she cant face herself.. She is afraid..and the worst thing i ever fear is my own mother that made decisions that she was un aware of coming together that got me outside of that family environment, the divorce of my father, and brought up with her bf at the time.. Healed me (how can i forget that) i just wish she knew unconditional love from me and not see me as a betrayer to her because i see through her masks and it makes her insecure

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Jul 18

@JaqNarcadvice I could of wrote that myself... don’t blame yourself you are the victim not her ..don’t let her guilt trip... ask yourself are you going to get that unconditional love you have only ever wanted then make your choice and stick to it or the damage will keep on coming and you’ll never be free .I have had a lifetime of torture from my mum but I didn’t use it as an excuse to screw my children up it actually taught me how not to be a mother.


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