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Hello Everyone; General Tips for Making Life Easier: Keep

Hello Everyone;
General Tips for Making Life Easier:
Keep balance in your life. Prioritize, eliminate, consolidate and streamline activities in all aspects of your life.
Take care of yourself. Be sensible about how you spend your time and energy. Do those things that are most important to you and your family. Try to eliminate unnecessary or difficult tasks. Give yourself permission to rest; put your feet up whenever possible. Make compromises and remove the word “should” from your vocabulary.
Pace your activities; try to break an activity down into a series of smaller tasks. Rest before you become exhausted and enlist the help of others.
Eat a healthy diet. Do not skip meals. Carry trail mix, nuts or fresh fruit with you.
Arrange your home for your convenience. Sometimes this means putting furniture in locations to help you walk from room to room or placing a chair halfway down the hallway so that you can stop and rest. Perhaps you may want to purchase duplicate cleaning supplies for both upstairs and downstairs rooms.
When you need help, take advantage of the products, services and people available. When you need something or someone to help you. Look at it as making an
intelligent decision that will make your life easier and safer.
Use technology. Remote controlled devices and cordless phones save steps. Speakerphones, answering machines and wireless intercoms can be used to save time and energy.
Life is all about choices. If you follow these basic principals, you will feel better, have more control and get more enjoyment out of your life.
Marlene1105, Moderator

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Love your user photo... So nice... I plan on doing Halloween dancing on video this Halloween.

Marlene1105's picture
Oct 18

Thank you! Have fun dancing on Halloween! Be safe!


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