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My 14 yr old recently told me that she doesn’t love me or


My 14 yr old recently told me that she doesn’t love me or anyone anymore. That everyone in the family annoys her. she refuses to talk to me and I have done nothing to her but support her her entire life, she hates being told what to do but that’s a moms job right, lately she keeps saying she doesn’t want to be here with us and keeps saying her basketball coach is her father and that she is his daughter...we have already had multiple arguments on this subject, and gone to the school to talk with this coach. She refuses to talk to me so I suggested a therapist or another family member but she refuses any advice?

Nov 8

Oh Mom, my heart breaks for you. I don’t know the whole story but I do know two things. 1. You are her Mom and you are still responsible for her. 2. She is in trouble or disturbed or upset or confused or all of the above and needs help. I am praying for you, her Dad, her and the rest of the family. I am also praying that the coach will handle this in a proper manner. Please call this number 855 382 5433 to ask for help in locating resources. This is not a time to ask her if she wants help this is time to get it and take her. She needs you Mom. Love her thru it.

Nov 8

I have a 17 year old that refuses to listen to anyone and pushes people away that try to give her suggestions on how to make better choices. She has moved out and is trying to get pregnant with her 26 year old boyfriend. She is failing senior year and probably won't graduate. There is nothing I can do anymore... I have worked for 5 years in family therapy, counseling, psychiatry with her and she refuses any more meds or therapy. She is mentally ill and using drugs and alcohol to self medicate.
I can totally understand where you are coming from and how helpless and hopeless it feels when it is your child and you can't help!


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