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Hey I just had a question about baby cribs and bassinets fro

Hey I just had a question about baby cribs and bassinets from other moms which would you perfer for a newborn baby or should I just get both?

Nov 8

I co slept with my children, although not recommended. And a bassinet is more convenient for being up all hours..i had a crib, my kids just hated it

Nov 8

Alright thank you at my last ob visit my doctor told me the same thing but I was just curious to see what other moms would suggest

Nov 9

@Princess.k27 Definitely don’t sleep with them in your bed...the risk of rolling over and suffocating your sleeping baby is too high. Bassinet in your room is great idea Baby monitors are great also and u can hear them but they don’t hear u when they are old enough to be in a crib in their own room


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